Virtual Scales of Architecture

We want to make architecture that has a dimension beyond the limitations of the measurable. We want architecture that belongs to the domain of imagination and anyone is able to decode into a personal image that is exciting to think about. We want architecture that triggers an emotional sizing that will never coincide with facts but carve deeper into our life and let us shape it through our own feelings and thoughts. We want architecture that has a virtual scale.

There is a certain amount of freedom even in the smallest house with the tightest conditions. It’s the open potential of an architectural action bending the fames of an overall rational idea. Its form has an intellectual basis that can be verbalized, yet it can’t be explained to the end. A somewhat irrational side keeps it pervious to personal interpretations and fantasies. The image we make of it in our heads is not constrained to a finished dimension, it mirrors a subjective depth: the smallest house suddenly feels bigger that it actually is, we are giving it a virtual scale.

Meaning space as a physical confrontation that deals with experience and fantasies has its roots in the fascination for enigmatic phenomena. As we can’t understand to the end we continue getting back and trying further with imagination.

Giulia Furlan & Mario Beeli Architects
Dipl. Arch. AAM/ETH/SIA,+41 78 93 638 71, +41 79 457 66 76
We expect to launch our website in early 2019